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Five towns Indi Lens progressive. Exclusive to Five Towns Optical Free Form Lenses for the Independent optician


Exclusively available  from  Five  Towns Optical Limited, Indi Lens is a digitally enhanced varifocal lens designed  using the  very latest  freeform  technology to offer an optimal visual experience.


l  Higher precision


The digitally surfaced Indi Lens lens enables greater accuracy, within 0.01 dioptre, and a more accurate and appropriate curve than traditional surfacing methods.


l  Wider fields of vision-reduced astigmatism


By placing the progressive on the back of

the lens, Indi Lens reduces the keyhole effect

and widens the patients field of vision.


l  Smooth transition of powers


l  Less swim effect


l  Good binocular balance


l  Fast and comfortable patient adaption


Exclusive to Indi Lens, this superior hydrophobic and oleophobic anti-reflective lens coating repels grease and dirt, making  it exceptionally easy to clean and enhancing lens durability.

Simple to dispense


Indi Lens is an easy to dispense freeform varifocal lens. There are no complicated measurements to be taken, simply record the patients standard measurements, supply a frame or lens trace and specify

14mm or 18mm corridor length ...thats it.